Finding Frank

Finding Frank

Finding Frank

The chance discovery of a rare photographic record of four New Guinean islands in the Bismark Archipelago, nearly a 100 years after they are taken, leads to a journey uncovering the life of a young surveyor, his time on the islands and subsequent escape from the invading Japanese Army 25 years later.


FINDING FRANK began life as a DVD photo reel of Frank Cutler’s extraordinary photos. Filmmaker Andrew Garton was commissioned to complete the DVD. He soon realised the stories behind the collection were the makings of a film.
Frank’s descendants know little of his life in the former German colony of New Guinea and even less is known about the people he knew there, some of whom appear in his photographs. It is also a significant story in Australia’s history, particularly its early relationship with Papua New Guinea that is little known to many Australians.

As research into these photos progressed more stories emerged and they have formed the basis of this film.

Production status

We are now fund-raising towards the production of FINDING FRANK with the financial assistance of the Documentary Australia Foundation through which tax-deductible donations may be made.

Photos courtesy of Frank Cutler’s family.

This Choir Sings Carols

This Choir Sings Carols

This Choir Sings Carols

Once a year, in early October, around 60 people gather at the City of Whittlesea’s Fountain View Room in the northern fringes of Melbourne to begin 10 weeks of rehearsal for a single concert.

The First Impressions Youth Theatre were provided with a mix of amateur and semi-professional gear. With hands-on training, a filmmaker and artists as mentors and they made a short film about this choir that only sings carols.

A production of First Impressions Youth Theatre and Secession/Films in association with the Community Development/Performance Program, City of Whittlesea.

The producers of this film recognise the rich Aboriginal heritage of this country and acknowledge the Wurundjeri Wilam clan as the traditional owners of the land we had filmed upon.

Duration: 30 mins
Completed: May 2016
This Choir Sings Carols has been completed. However, due to high costs of music synchronisation rights, our film has been shelved until these costs, $10,000 AUD, can be met.


  • Writer / Director / Editor – Andrew Garton
  • Mentors – Andrew Garton, Katherine O’Donnell, Matthew Berka
  • Cameras – Ruwanthi Wijetunga, Aron Raward, Kasey Gardner, Ben Chapman, Tenielle Reid, Matthew Berka, Katherine O’Donnell, Andrew Garton
  • Interviewers – Aron Raward, Ruwanthi Wijetunga, Tenielle Reid, Kasey Gardner


Filmed at City of Whittlesea’s Fountain View Room and Redleap Reserve, Mill Park, Victoria, Australia.

With thanks to the City of Whittlesea, Westfield Plenty Valley and Harcourts Real Estate.

Produced with the support of Community and Cultural Development, City of Whittlesea.