A documentary radio drama set in a former displaced persons camp in Austria. Stories from Lagerstraße, Spittal, are interwoven with a short fiction written by Elena Garton (1903 – 1972), a former resident of the camp and Andrew’s grandmother. Elena was born in the city of Sevastopol in the former Crimea. A white Russian Elena was herself a refugee of the Russian revolution before she and her two sons became displaced persons during and after WW2. Lagerstraße contrasts the vast cultural diversity that spread across Europe during and after WW2 against that of present times and the conflicted response to displaced persons today.



Lagerstraße (or Lagerstrasse) has its origins in Andrew’s Master of Arts project, an outcome of which was Auslander Micro (see showreel), the earliest web interactive to employ scripted multi-layered animated dynamic HTML with an algorithmically driven soundscape. Work on Auslander Micro began in 1995 and completed in 1998. It had itself emerged from Andrew’s spoken word opera, Auslaender und Staatenlose.

Lagerstrasse picks up where both prior projects left off, completing in full Andrew’s original vision of a multi-tiered work blending spoken word narrative, field recordings, interviews, soundscapes, music and historical fiction.

Note works such as Auslander Micro may no longer function as they did in 1998. Sound files from the Master’s project are no longer accessible due to the RealAudio format no longer being supported.

Photos from the  Stadtarchiv.

Sample sound works and compositions

Status: In development.

For more information contact Andrew Garton.

Ocean in a Drop soundtrack

Ocean in a Drop soundtrack

Ocean in a Drop - Soundtrack

Music, field recordings and soundscapes from the documentary Ocean in a Drop filmed in fourteen villages located in nine districts across the Indian states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Ocean in a Drop includes music performed on bhapang, or talking drum. The bhapang has been played and taught across 20 or more generations of the Khan family who originate from Alwar, Rajasthan.

The album also includes a selection of live recordings of desert musicians from Rajasthan courtesy of the musicians. Recorded by Shweta Rao courtesy of Khamayati.

Fifty percent of proceeds from the sale of this album will go towards ongoing support for rural and tribal musicians in India through the Khamayati project, an initiative of the School for Democracy in India and the New Delhi-based Digital Empowerment Foundation.

The remaining 50%, after hosting fees and PayPal charges, will go towards the completion of Andrew Garton’s film, Forged from Fire – the making of the Blacksmiths’ Tree.


  • Curated and Produced by Andrew Garton
  • Rajasthan field recordings by Shweta Rao
  • Soundscapes and atmos recorded by Andrew Garton