Andrew Garton – CHASING THE SUN

Andrew Garton – CHASING THE SUN

Chasing the Sun

From sunrise to sunset in Cape Town’s False Bay.

Format: Video clip
Duration: 5:54

Video clip comprised of 8mm footage shot in South Africa in the 1960s contrasted with video shot 2010. Chasing the Sun was written by Andrew Garton and Roy MacGregor. It was recorded in Cape Town, South Africa, and Hurstbridge, Australia. It was produced and mixed by At Nel in Johannesburg and mastered by Simon Polinski in Melbourne.


‘Chasing the Sun’ by Andrew Garton and Roy MacGregor

At Nel, Johannesburg

Simon Polinski, Melbourne

Guitar and vocals – Andrew Garton
3/4 guitar – Roy MacGregor
Ukalele – Tony Nirta
Marimba – Kate Adam
Backing vocals – Kate Chinnick and Tony Nirta

Silvan Sounds, Hurstbridge, Australia
At Nel Studios, Melville, South Africa
A house-sit in Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Released under license to Secession Records

VIDEO CLIP Produced and Directed by Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton
Roy MacGregor
Chas Unwin

Joe MacGregor, Filmed in 1965

Delia Rowe, Roy MacGregor, Alex Bozas, James Hope, Lianne Greff, Andrew Parker, Anriette Esterhuysen and family, At Nel and family, AliaK, Karen Banks and Alan Tattersal, Grant McHerron and Kitt La Rouge, Sue Green (Silvan Sounds), Lynda Watts, Chip Wardale, Simone White, Jary Nemo, Mike Wilkins, David Nerlich

Well Bread

Well Bread

Well Bread

On a cheerful August day in 2014 around 150 people from The City of Whittlesea’s multicultural community gathered at the Barry Road Community Activity Centre in Lalor. They came to share culinary skills, stories and revel in the distinctive aroma of freshly made bread.



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License fees
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  • Director, Editor – Andrew Garton
  • Director of Photography, Grade MIKE WILKINSPresented by the City of Whittlesea in partnership with the Whittlesea Community Leadership Network.

Duration:  14 Mins, 30 Secs
Completed: October 2014

Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Higher Ground

With the Bengoh Dam completed and the inundation of the Sarawak Kiri River looming, the Bidayuh of Upper Bengoh had two options. They could either leave their customary lands or stay.

Duration: 20 Mins
Completed: September 2014


As much of Upper Bengoh is comprised of the Bidayuh’s native customary land they chose to stay. In doing so they took on the Sarawak Government, the single most powerful institution in East Malaysia complicit in the forced removal of tens of thousands of indigenous peoples from their customary lands on the island of Borneo.


  • Writer, Director – Andrew Garton
  • Colour grade – Mike Wilkins
  • Music  – Bidayuh of Upper Bengoh, Andrew Garton
  • Financial Management – Auspicious Arts Projects Inc.
  • Produced in association with SACCESS

Special thanks to the Association for Progressive Communications and Mr Pang Wee for their support in the making of this film.

Our Tree – Exhibiting Documentary

Our Tree – Exhibiting Documentary

Our Tree

The OUR TREE installation, or exhibiting documentary, is a three-channel video projection and sound work. It is comprised of video, stills, music and sounds created, shot and recorded by welders, engineers, blacksmiths, volunteers, filmmakers, musicians and the general public brought together through the creation of The Blacksmiths’ Tree.



The three channels are played simultaneously for a full 12 minutes with the closing scene across all three channels featuring the completed tree filmed in time-lapse with The Milky Way overhead. The work can be either projected or replayed via three high definition screens.

Host the installation

  • 3 x HD projectors or wall mounted LCD screens
  • Multi-channel video replay and loop software
  • Exhibition videos with 5 sec black trailer
  • Encoded in both MPEG2 /MT2 and MPEG4
Email or call Andrew to discuss your exhibition requirements.


  • Produced, Directed and Edited by Andrew Garton
  • Director of Photography Mike Wilkins
  • Music courtesy of Invention in Time, Charles Brown, Colin James


Select exhibitions

  • 2015 – Light in Winter, Federation Square, Curated by Robyn Archer
  • 2014 – Into the Light, Great Hall, City of Whittlesea


OUR TREE was made possible by the Australian Governments regional arts program, the Regional Arts Fund, the City of Whittlesea, The Dunmoochin Foundation, I-Drone, The Tree Project and the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) Inc.

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia, administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.